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Sorry about it all... Feb. 1st, 2004 @ 11:33 am
I want to apologize to everyone for not being able to play this game out to completion. I'm going to keep the forum open where anyone can basically discuss.

HOWEVER, those of you that remember the girl that couldnt keep a date would find it interesting to know what I found out last night. She has had a boyfriend the whole time, even when she went out with me, stayed all night and you fill in the rest. Yep, she's a cheating whore and I fell for it (which we all did).

Life has been busy guys. Lets give each other feedback on things we need help with.
The forum is open for everyone. Lay your groundworks baby.

Hey all Jan. 7th, 2004 @ 11:40 pm
Sorry I have not posted much this week. It has seriously been the week from hell. So much has happened.

I'm going to a friend's baby's funeral tomorrow, he pasted away yesterday morning.
Another good friend (my old roommates brother) and his mom was in a bad car accident yesterday. Just a few broken ribs on the mother other than that they are fine.
Also, found out the same guys dad has a liver problem that they can not diagnos because they've never seen it before.
My grandparents had a minor wreck with a tractor trailer yesterday, they saw hit pulling in their lane and turned so it wouldnt hit them in the driver side door and it hit the back corner.
Another good friend was broken into yesterday and had lots of his stuff stolen.
There are other minor controversies here and there.
I might not get into college this semester cause my old one screwed up and didnt get my transcripts to me so I'm having them overnighted (should have arrived today) to see if i can get in last minute for classes Monday. I think they said I wouldnt be able to get financial aid this late though.

So yeah... I've had a really sucky week. I have to miss a thing I was wanting to go to this weekend cause of saving cash for a lawyer.

The only good thing is my uncle is getting married again friday and I'm going to be in the wedding.

Hopefully your lives are a little bit better than the ones surrounding me right now.

The Message.... Jan. 3rd, 2004 @ 09:47 pm
Ah, so today I wake up to find a message from the said girl that was suppose to hang out with me New Years. The IM message was this:

hey cloveking... sorry i havent returned your call, as you know i was in GA... until new years eve, when i had to rush back to danville, due to my grandfather being admited into the hospital... because they think he had a stoke, and he had stopped breathing on the way to the hospital(he has emphazima and now has pneumonia in both lungs)... anyways, once i got home, i was at the hospital most of the night and day on new years, b/c they really didnt know how this was going to end up... but now, he is doing better, and is slowly getting his health back... i just thought i would let you know, where i disappeared to, and why i didnt call you. im sorry cloveking
also, i couldnt exactly call you while in georiga, due to myself being a complete IDIOT and forgetting my cell phone chargers... i didnt even get your msg until early on new years day.
anyways, i hope you have a great day!

So what do you all think about this?

The Story of my New Years Jan. 1st, 2004 @ 10:28 pm
Alright, well I would like to thank you all for the good decision you all made for me to go be with my friends. At this point I have still not heard from the girl I was suppose to hang out with. The person who said ditch her completely, I'm going to take your advice. Three strikes and you are out.

Alright, well we get into Asheville around 9:15pm to our friends house that was throwing the party. I start drinking and start mingling with old friends and the few new faces that were there. Ended up starting to talk to this one girl most the time we were there when I wasn't catching up with friends. I consumed about 5-6 beers and stopped drinking around 12:30 when I ran out.

Then four carloads of us decide to go back to another friends were we are to crash for the night. I ride alone and take up the rear. I was feeling a little buzzed at the time. So riding the streets of Asheville I had no idea where I was going because I had never been to my friends apartment up there. So the light turns as the car in front of me goes through it, and I make the stupid choice of going through the light anyways. What I did not realize till about a mile down the road when I saw the blue lights, is that a cop was behind me. Yeah, I know what you are thinking now, what I was thinking "I'm screwed." So I pull into a gas station and my friends keep going. I also want to add that I've been driving since I was 16 and I'm 23 now and have never been pulled. Well, lucky for me, he just asks me about the redlight. I tell him I'm from out of town and do not know where I was going and following friends. He does not even ask if I've been drinking. So it is about 1am or so in the morning, though I have a good tolerance the alcohol in my system (I weigh 125lbs and am 5'8'') would have made me blow over the legal limit. Another cop comes back later and tells me "you have a simple red light violation" and explains I can show up for court or pay the $125 bucks.

So I finally make it to my friends and the girl that was at the other party and came with us. We talk for a while and she offers me her number, she is new in town, 25, from Portland. I put the number in my cell phone and we go outside to smoke. Somewhere along in there we end up kissing and kinda making out on the front steps. I find out that she'd not kissed anyone in a couple years. I was surprised. Actually, things like that happen a lot of with. I seem to get into places easily that others can not. So we talk about relationships and stuff and I tell her what I desire sort of and that I'm looking for that "click." She told me she did not think we had that click. I was kinda shocked especially her telling me this after all I'd just found out. She still kissed me some more after that. She told me when she was getting in the car that she did not think we had any kind of future together. Women are odd. She gives me her number, makes out with me, tells me we most likely do not click, makes out more, then tells me she expects no future between us of any kind. I told her I would still call her anyways. She leaves and I go to bed.

So me and my friends get up the next morning and go to this mexican style place at about 11 or 12. Then we go a little ways away from Asheville up to this hiking trail. It was beautiful. I actually thought about all of you while I was reflecting as I was walking the trails. I had my camera with me so I made sure I could take pics to post later so you all could see. Sort of proof of my weekend to ya. On some of the rocks where the water cascades down them, the water had frozen into ice. You will see that in the pictures. Unfortunately, some of the greater sights wouldnt fit in the small scope of a camera lense. You'll just have to take my word that it was beautiful. So we walk a good ways back and it is strangly warm. I end up taking my jacket and sweater off and wearing only my wife beater and was comfortable. So we go to this little 'shelf' as they call it that has this really soft grass, a place where people camp sometimes. We take a nap up there basically and walk back. Then we go get coffee and eat pizza. After the pizza me and my roommate return home and here I am, writing to tell you off my New Years.

I hope everyone had a safe New Years and was more responsible than I was.

General Information About Me Dec. 31st, 2003 @ 08:34 am
First I want to state that my identity is completely unknown to you all and will remain that way. My friends do not know I am doing this. I want random people that do not know me to make my choices for me.

Alright, well in order for you to help make my decisions for me, you need to know a little more about me. Now remember, this is reality LJ and not just a regular LJ. You can tell me to do whatever you want when I ask the questions, majority vote wins. Remember on reality tv there is always controversy and something excited happening (in the individuals eyes) with them. Also, the questions I ask you are open ended. It does not have to be a yes or no kind of answer. Get creative with it. Also, you do not have to wait till I give a question to make a suggestion. -The first few days this may be slow because I do not want to bug you with every lame trivial thing, unless you want me too-

As far as my personality goes I am kind of conservative. I do not really go out to different places too much. Most of my time is spent going to work during the day, at night I chat on the internet, maybe read a little, watch a movie, and later I go to the same small bar a few times a week. Think of the TV show Cheers and you get the picture. I smoke about a pack a day because all of this. I like to smoke when I drink. Alright enough of that though, that's trivial. I seem to have trouble with relationships. Like actually getting or wanting to make some sort of commitment. At heart, though I'm very much the average hormonal male, I want someone I totally click with of course. However, I'm more of the guy that is going to treat his girl like a queen and so all that sweet sappy stuff from time to time. Yes, I guess you could say I am the sentimental man.

This does not get me very far though because all the people out there that dont give a rats ass end up getting the girl. I'm not ugly by any means, many people say I'm cute and attractive. I have the whole thin thing going on. I'm 5'8'' and fairly skinny. I have brown hair and green eyes.

I sometimes go to a punk or indie rock show if there is one in town. On the weekends when there is going playing I usually go to these games I play in for a weekend. Yeah, something about beating people with pvc pipe covered in foam appeals to my geeky and the side that wants to fight.

As far as meeting people goes: I grew tired of the bar scene very quick. It really did not seem to have anything to offer me. I've never really been the one for clubs either. Seeing how I work full time currently and all the people I work with are married and do not have single friends, I'm screwed there as well. I am going back to college at night starting here in Jan. So I have to rely on the websites for meeting people. Sounds lame, but I'm laying it all out for you so you'll be educated and know what you have to play with. The only *girlfriend* I've had in the past two years lasted three months. She moved up to Mass to change schools. Before that I had been engaged to a long time friend who ended up being completely psycho once we were engaged. Odd how that happens. So that is one of the reasons for the lack of commitment. I usually do not commit if I do not see myself possibly staying with that person a long time.

Alrighty, any more questions or anything else you want to know?
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» Question #1
Alright, well I am in a situation:

There are some friends I rarely see and that I enjoy spending time with and I was invited to hang with them new years. They live a few hours away and the last time I saw them was last new years.

There is also this girl that I met at a show and went on one date with and we were going to hang out here. I really wouldnt want to take her with me to my friends a few hours away because I'd have to leave before she'd be here. When we first met she seemed cool but during our date she hardly talked and it was kinda boring.


Do I go hang with my long time friends that I do not get to see?


The girl I had one date with?
» Basic Info On Me
23 Years Old
Greensboro North Carolina
Listen to all types of music.
Like all types of movies.
I have a touch and go love life. Relationships? No. Dates? Yes, plenty of failures.

What would you like to know?
» (No Subject)
Welcome to my experimental project. I am putting my life in your hands for the month of Jan. 2004. You've seen reality tv and have been able to watch the choices people make in their lives but the camera can sometimes jade the atmosphere of the people around them. There is a reality show that is going to allow you to phone in and decide what choices this random guy makes. Here, you leave a comment to decide what choices I make.

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